Phone Screen

Screen size

This is the total real estate of the screen. The most popular is 5.2 and 5.5 inches. However,with full screens displays, 6 inches are becoming common.



These are the borders around the screen. Smaller bezels make a device easier to handle and operate with one hand.

Full screen

This is the new trend in screen technology. It makes the display longer in height and narrower in width. The bezels are also significantly reduced effectively fitting bigger screens in smaller spaces.

Aspect ratio

This is the ratio of the width versus the height of a screen. The most popular ratio is 16:9 but full screen displays are pushing it to 18:9.


This is the number of pixels in a screen. Resolution is written as width *height hence 1280*720 means 1280 pixels on the width and 720 on the height. HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p) resolutions are the most popular.

Refresh rate

This is the number of times the contents of the screen have to be redrawn per second. 60 times/second is the standard, it’s written as 60Hz (Hertz), but flagships are going to 120Hz.

Display protectors

These are toughened displays that offer protectionfrom scratching and cracking. They are usually embedded on the display by manufacturers. Gorilla glass is the most popular. They differ from screen guards.