How to take care of your phone’s screen

  1. Go for a phone with glass protection.

The best in the market is Gorilla glass, but there are other brands such as Dragon Tail and NEG. The latter is found on some Infinix devices, Motorola has shattershield and some smart watches use sapphire glass. They offer protection from shattering, scratching and cracking.

  1. Keep the screen dry.

OLED devices are easily destroyed by water. Manufacturers usually seal them but extra precaution should be taken.

  1. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Sunlight damages LCDs making them lose the quality of color representation. Placing your phone on a car dashboard subjects it to a lot of direct sunlight.

  1. Do not use fingernails on your screen.

Finger nails gradually introduce scratches on the screen.

  1. Don’t put your phone in the same pocket with keys

Just like fingernails, keys also scratch the screen. Other hard materials will have the same effect. If possible, have nothing else in the pocket where your phone is stored.

  1. Get a screen guard and cover

Screen guards offer an additional layer of protection to the display, in case of an accident, the guard takes all the abuse. Covers that go around the back of the device also significantly shield your device.

  1. Go for covers that are raised around the edges

This offers extra protection for your screen in case the device falls face first.


Bonus – Screen protectors

TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane): are a mixture of hard plastic and soft silicone. They are the best since silicone is like rubber, in that it absorbs destructive shock when the device is dropped while still being very slim.

PC (polycarbonate) is also popular but not as protective as TPU.

Leather is good too, but just like wood and metal covers, they are inclined more to luxury than protection.

Armour cases have the best protection, but they are too bulky in size.