Africa’s Talking CEO appointed to the Stanbic Holdings and Stanbic Bank Kenya Board

Africa Talking Founder and CEO Samuel Gikandi has joined the Board of Directors for Stanbic Holdings and Stanbic Bank Kenya as an independent non-executive director effective June 29 2020.

Gikandi is expected to bring on board his vast experience in developing mobile solutions such as SMS, USSD, voice and mobile payment infrastructure to developers.

The addition of a fintech CEO to Stanbic’s Board of Directors will give the bank the impetus of providing agile mobile solutions in an increasingly competitive space.


Africa’s Talking has developed products such as SMS notification services, two-factor authentication, user registration, VOIP capabilities, Call transfer and various other products that developers across Africa have built their products and services on.

Gikandi holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Science with a minor in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

His appointment comes soon after the appointment of Google Africa’s Charles Murito as an independent director at ABSA Kenya and Ory Okolloh’s appointment to the Board of Stanbic Bank Kenya.