The cheapest way to check your CRB report even without data bundles


Since the emergence of mobile loan apps that have made borrowing easier and faster, the initials CRB have become a household name. The Credit Reference Bureaus (CRBs) determines if a person is creditworthy, in other terms, it is a metric that tells the lending companies if you are good borrower based on your repayment records.

There are three CRBs in Kenya namely; Metropol, TransUnion and CreditInfo. All three Bureaus can inform you of your credit report. Fortunately, you do not have to queue at their offices to get the report. You can simply access it online or via your phone for a fee (less than Sh100) – a process that doesn’t require you to have bundles or even an internet-enabled phone.


This method is offered by TransUnion, one of the three CRBs in the country.

  1. Send your official names to 21272
  2. Register yourself by paying Sh50 to pay bill number 212121. Use your National ID number as the account number. Once successfully paid, you will get an SMS to confirm the registration.
  3. Lastly, text CR to 212121 and get your credit report sent to you.

If you notice any mistakes on your report, you can simply contact the CRB to get the issue ironed out. Checking the report is also a good way to know if someone else has been using your accounts in a fraudulent manner.

Finally, it advisable to check your report on all three CRBs for the same reasons mentioned above; you never know, maybe an issue on your report is why the loan apps aren’t lending you money.