KCB Bank Kenya among first companies globally to deploy Whatsapp in customer interaction

WhatsApp Payment service
Whatsapp has 1.5 billion users globally making it one of the most popular messaging apps.

KCB Bank Kenya has announced a Whatsapp feature that will allow KCB customers to interact with the bank as part of an overall digital transformation program.

The Bank has deployed the Digital Customer Service platform on Whatsapp for business, allowing the Bank to effectively leverage the most-used messaging systems to create an efficient and effective communication system.

The platform has been designed by San Francisco based Spark Central, a customer experience solutions provider.


KCB Kenya Director of Customer Experience Job Njiru said the bank wants to see its customers get answers and information they need as quickly and conveniently as possible.

“As part of our digital transformation efforts, we are enabling our platforms to collect real-time data on our customers, then analyze and use it to make educated decision on how to improve our operations on an ongoing basis,” said Njiru.

­The bank is among leading global companies on the early access WhatsApp Business pilot program.

“The platform combines enterprise scalability with ease of use, making the software a smart investment in terms of our long-term growth. We want to see our customers getting the answers and information they need from KCB as quickly and conveniently as possible and on the platforms, they want,” he added.

The investment is in line with the focus on seamless customer onboarding, self-service enablement and excellent customer management by tapping into emerging technologies and popular platforms like WhatsApp.

Last week, a study by Unites States International University Africa (USIU) revealed that WhatsApp is the most used app in the country at 88.6 percent, surpassing Facebook at against 88.5.

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Worldwide, WhatsApp is the largest messaging platform with over 1.5 billion monthly active users, making it a dominant platform in markets such as Africa, Europe, and South America.

According to the 2018 KPMG Banking Industry Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted across Africa, digital is the new normal for many customers.

Christoph Neut, Sparkcentral’s Vice President for EMEA said the massive adoption of communicating through messaging apps like WhatsApp by mobile consumers worldwide, especially on the African continent, is disrupting traditional customer service delivery models.

“We designed our Digital Customer Service platform to make it easier for companies to keep up with the consumers who define customer care as personalized service that includes their digital channels of choice. We’ve found that integrating popular social messaging apps like WhatsApp are leading the charge when it comes to driving down customer service costs while driving up customer experience,” Neut added.

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