Roll out of 5G network may be delayed due to US blacklisting Huawei

Huawei has lately been all over the media due to the fact that USA put them on a trade blacklist. For those who are not aware, trouble started when Trump’s administration (Read:Trump) said that the Chinese telcom giant has been spying on America and conveying the information to Beijing, China.

No evidence has since been brought forward to support that claim but that didn’t stop the US from banning sales of Huawei phones in the country several months ago.

The big blow came a few days ago when USA blacklisted Huawei. This means that American companies shouldn’t do business with them. It led to a ripple effect where Google stopped licensing Android and all its associated apps and services to Huawei. However, it is noteworthy that phones from the manufacturer that have already been released will not be affected, so you can still go ahead and purchase one.


However, this is also a big loss to Google since Huawei is the second biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world after Samsung. Unfortunately, other companies followed Google’s lead and cut ties with the Chinese company, in this case, hardware companies whose components are key to the construction of the 5G network.

Owing to the fact that Huawei is the biggest network technology company in the world, it’s role in realizing the 5G network is huge, so huge that without it the network will not only be delayed but will be more expensive thanks to reorganizing new suppliers and partners to fill in the void.

If American companies are restricted from supplying 5G necessary components to Huawei, then the only other players big enough to take over the work are Nokia Oyj, Ericsson AB or Samsung Electronics. None of them has the capability of Huawei in the networking gear arena.

All is not lost since the USA lifted the ban for only 90 days. Many are hoping that this time will be enough to come to a reasonable solution through the ongoing trade talks between China and USA, hopefully, Huawei will catch a break and things return to normal in three months. Huawei’s win will be a win for the whole world in terms of 5G network plus exceptional devices and vice versa.