INFOGRAPHIC: How will the mobile ecosystem look like in 2025?

The GSMA estimates that 700 million users will subscribe to mobile services by 2025 pushing the total number of mobile subscribers to 5.8 billion...

Why Safaricom is projecting DigiFarm will eclipse M-Pesa in 5 years

Safaricom Chief Financial Services Officer Sitoyo Lopokoiyit is betting on the telco's mobile agriculture platform ‘Digifarm’ to outpace M-Pesa in performance in the next...

Cellulant partners with Ayden to facilitate seamless mobile payments

Ayden is a global payment company that allows businesses to accept a wide range of e-commerce and mobile payments.  Cellulant has announced a partnership with...

Safaricom, BuuPass partner on M-PESA Bus Booking Service

The service is currently available with five bus operators including Easy Coach, Modern Coast, Greenline, Palmers and East African Shuttles, and looks to onboard...

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Customers borrow Sh81 billion in 6 months through Fuliza overdraft facility

Safaricom disbursed Sh81 billion in M-Pesa overdraft loans in six months on its M-Pesa’s overdraft facility Fuliza in the six months to June 2019,...

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