Telegram X – App Review

Telegram is the chat app that seems to always be ahead of the others in terms of features. In fact, most new features making their way to WhatsApp such as pinning chats and live locations have been in Telegram for a long time. The Telegram team decided to launch a new chatting experience in the form of the new Telegram X app. Here’s our review.

Tabbed interface

The app has two main tabs, the chat and calls tab. Other features have been buried in the side menu. The tabs extend to saved messages as well; there are three tabs in this section; media, docs and links.



The app has an inbuilt night mode. It turns the whole interface black making it easy to use at night or in dark rooms, but users can manage the mode in settings. The text bubbles can be customized too. You can have them as bubbles or just plain text on a straight line.


Gestures have been introduced to make the operation modern. When in a chat, swipingup will automatically hide the keyboard to give you a full screen of view. In addition, long pressing on a channel will give you a preview of the chats in it. Holding the compose button will give you the options of starting a new group, channels, secret chat or normal chat.

Faster than the standard Telegram

Telegram X was written from scratch, stripped off the numerous features of its older brother. This makes the app very fast in operation. Only the basic chatting features are available, hence the installation size is significantly reduced too.